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Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks: Sober Bar Finders Favorites

Just Getting Sober Or Looking For New Options?

Whether you’re 100% sober or you’re just trying to drink a little less there’s a good chance you’re looking for replacements for your favorite alcoholic drink.

Luckily the non-alcoholic drinks market has expanded far beyond your grandfather’s O’douls to include hundreds of options for great-tasting beers, N/A spirit replacements, and even premixed mocktails.

Which options are the best? Obviously, this comes down to taste in the end but we’d like to share some of our favorites and some of the brands that get mentioned the most often by our readers.

The other contributing factor we consider is how easily you can find these drinks. We love options that are available at local grocery stores and easy to find online. When online buying is an option we’ve included a link. (Note: We may get a small commission on purchases made through these links. This doesn’t change the price for you!)

Are we missing your favorite? Respond to this email and we’ll check out your favorite brand and add it to the list!

Non-Alcoholic Beers

Sam Adams Just The Haze – One of our personal favorite non-alcoholic beers. Just The Haze is a tasty Hazy IPA.

Heineken 0.0 – To our pallet, this beer is the one that tastes the most like its alcoholic version.

Guinness 0 – Great tasting stout. It even has the little nitro disc in the bottom of the can.

Athletic Brewing – Athletic Brewing only brews non-alcoholic beers and the focus on quality really shows. Their Run Wild IPA is our favorite but the Upside Dawn golden is nice and crisp on a hot day. They also have a seasonal line that is always expanding. If you’re looking to start trying non-alcoholic beers you could do worse than trying all of their offerings.

Clausthaler Dry Hopped – This german brew is quite full-bodied and hoppy. Clausthaler also brews a full line of non-alcoholic beers and they all taste great.

Brooklyn Special Effects Hoppy Non-Alcoholic Brew – Another great non-alcoholic IPA from Brooklyn Brewery.

Wellbeing Brewing Hellraiser Dark Amber – If you like a solid German beer this is a great option. Wellbeing also brews a Golden Wheat which is a great light crisp beer.

Becks Non-Alcoholic – This light golden brew is another great copy of its alcoholic cousin. 

Non-Alcoholic Wine

Ariel Non-alcoholic Wine – Ariel’s non-alcoholic wine is dealcoholized. This means it’s made like a traditional wine with the alcohol removed after the winemaking process. This leaves a great tasting wine. As an added bonus, you can find Ariel in many grocery store wine sections and even some local wine shops.

Surely Dealcoholized California Sauvignon Blanc – Finally a sober Sauvi B we can get behind. Crisp and clean and great for summer time porch sipping.

Noughty Non-Alcholic Wine – Noughty makes a line of non-alcoholic wines including a Sparkling Chardonnay, Sparkling Rosé, and a Syrah that are all worth trying out. 

Töst – While not exactly wine, Töst is included thanks to its simply wonderful taste. Made from blends of teas, herbs, and other natural ingredients Töst has a line of sparkling drinks in the style of rosé and champagne.

Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Ritual – Ritual makes a great stand in for Rum, Tequila, Whiskey, and Gin. These options are perfect for anyone looking to stock a sober liquor cabinet. 

Lyre’s – Another company making a full line of non-alcoholic spirits including a Spiced Rum, White Rum, Gin, and American Malt. They stand out for their selection of apéritifs, digestifs and mixers including Vermouth, Amaretto, Coffee Liqueur, Italian Orange, and Triple Sec. Lyre’s is a must have if you’re getting into serious mocktail territory.

Seedlip – Rather than focus on matching full proof spirits Seedlip is cutting their own path making non-alcoholic spirits using botanical extracts and aromatics. Their Citrus, Herbal, and Aromatic drinks make amazing mixers.

Spiritless – Known primarily for their Kentucky made non-alcoholic Bourbon Kentucky 74, Spiritless also offers a nice N/A Reposado Tequila.

Monday – We were introduced to this brand after an urge for a G&T lead us to their Gin. They also make a nice Bourbon and even nicer Mezcal. 

Premix Mocktails

PARCH Spiced Piñarita –  Missing your margaritas? PARCH has got your back. This premixed and canned mocktail is the perfect blend of spicy and sweet. 

Lyre’s Mocktail 12-Pack – Lyre’s has mixed up the perfect non-alcoholic Gin & Tonic, Classico, and Amalfi Spritz come in cans that are perfect for a picnic or day on the water. 

Mocktails (the brand) – Mocktails make premixed mocktails with amazing names including the Mockapolitan, the Mockarita, and the Mockscow Mule. Simply open, pour over ice, and enjoy.

Hopped Water And Seltzers

HOP WTR – Crafted in California and enjoyed everywhere. HOP WTR is focused on the hops calming benefits which are almost always overshadowed by the effects of alcohol. 

Nixie Sparkling Water is consciously crafted. We love the watermelon mint. Nixie is prepared with filtered carbonated water and certified organic flavors from botanicals, teas and fruit. All are vegan, gluten-free and kosher. Bonus.

Athletic Brewing DayPack– A twist on sparkling water, lightly hopped, bursting with fruity aromas and remarkably refreshing. Organic Vienna malt gives us a subtle sweetness. Whether you’re headed to the beach or out backpacking, DayPack is perfect for your next adventure.

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